Collaborative Law Professional

Collaborative Divorce is a process completed outside of court and is designed to decrease the overall stress to the spouses as well as to the children involved in the divorce process.

Collaborative Specialists are experts in the field of human behavior and interaction. They are licensed mental health professionals who provide services for adults/parents/children to assist with the divorce process in a way that allows both parties’ needs to be addressed and met amicably. During the collaborative process, Specialists may serve as the Divorce Coach and/or the Child Specialist. A financial specialist will be included in the collaborative process in an effort to assist spouses with their financial status due to divorce. Additional information about the Financial Specialist may be found in the Financial Specialist agreement.

Dr. Evans uses the following approach as she works with clients in the collaborative process.

Divorce Coach: 

  • Assess areas of dispute between spouses that may directly impact the  process
  • Sift through the complexity of issues in an effort to move towards amicable outcomes
  • Work to enhance communication, and resolve conflict between spouses in order to more effectively voice concerns and needs
  • Formulate creative strategies to achieve individual and shared goals

Child Specialist:

  • Assess the impact of divorce on the child/children
  • Sift through concerns/wishes/desires children may have/want to remain consistent during the divorce process and beyond
  • Work to understand child/children’s concerns/wishes in an effort to communicate those concerns/wishes with parents during the collaborative meeting with attorneys
  • Formulate strategies to ensure that the child/children’s voice(es) are heard during the collaborative process